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I've finally reached a 100-day streak!

When I started Duolingo three years ago, I always saw people with streaks spanning over a year, and I was always impressed with their dedication. I tried to keep a streak going, myself, but at the time, I didn’t have good time-management skills and I could only work on Duolingo over the summer. I kept getting to seventy- and eighty-day streaks, but when school started, I could never find enough time to get on Duolingo. I know it seems pathetic, but I always had a busy schedule. It made me disappointed every time I saw the streak that I had worked so hard for go back down to zero. But I never gave up, and after allllllll this time, I’ve finally been able to apply the time-management skills that I always needed in order to reach a triple-digit streak on a Friday. I’m not doing as much as I did over the summer, but it’s been coupled with my French class. I just want to say, Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Danke Je, Bedankje, Kirimvose, Thank. You, to those who had/have such a long streak, and also to those Duolingo users who lost their streak for giving me the encouragement to start over.
Rocket Telescope combo

September 29, 2017



I've finally reached a 100-day streak!

Me too. ;)

When I started Duolingo six years ago,

SIX years ago?


Sad you lost your original account (your account "SH1ELDs" is number 40M+ so is more recent than mine (2M+) which was created in March 2013).

EDIT (122min later):
I corrected

[...] is number 4M+ so [...]


[...] is number 40M+ so [...]


Wow, I didn't know how popular my name was, but this has still been the same account from when I started learning on Duolingo.


but this has still been the same account from when I started learning on Duolingo.

Strange then since your account is id-number 40M+ (46 358 493 to be exact, which means it's the 46 358 493th to have been created on Duo) hence has been created after March 2013 (date of creation of accounts 2M+-th accounts).
Moreover, your account says (to mods) that it has been created on 2014/09/11 20:36:34 (UTC) which is consistent with the other accounts with id-number around 40M. And which is already quite old: already 3 years ago.

To give an example, the 1000th account ever created doesn't even have 6 years yet as it was created on December, 2011.

I didn't know how popular my name was

? ?


If you could be so gentle as to tell me, how do I get that same information from my account?



The creation date is indicated in your settings, in the "Profile" menu of the settings => https://www.duolingo.com/settings/profile

I see that since your message you seems to have found that info: you've written it in your BIO. ;)


Not six years, only three. Can't I though "2014-09-11" meant 2011. XD.


That is still a long time ;)


Congratulations on 100 days! Although I'm going to have to add "Diolch" on your list =)


Congratulations! Maybe you will be in the streak hall of fame one day!


Congrats on your achievement!! =D In the end Duo is about learning languages in an easy and fun way but I must admit maintaining streaks helps you in doing lessons on those days you're not really feeling like it (don't want to break the streak lol) and can even be applied to other (mundane) tasks hehe =) Anyways, keep up the good work and good luck with school and your language learning here at Duo!


Keep up the good work!


Félicitations! Bonne continuation!


Felicitations and Gefeliciteerd!! I had the same problem! I never could keep my streak for very long, it seemed, until I just made it a part of my day. Continuez!


Congrats ...Keep up the good work !


Wow, 6 years, that is amazing. Congratulations on the 100 day streak, that's what my streak will be in 99 days :) P.s. Your rocket cartoon is amazing, I could watch it all day. lol.


Nice, congrats!!


If you have to, lower your daily goal to 10xp per day, and always have a streak freeze in place. 100 days in a row is a huge achievement GREAT JOB !! My trick is that its the first thing that i do when i get to work, that way I am making 11$ per hour to do Duolingo.


Don't you lose your streak if you change your daily goal? I thought I read that somewhere a long time ago, which is why I never even set a goal in the first place.


No, you don't. I've changed my goal multiple times in one day, but it's never broken my streak.


That's exactly what I did, and thanks!


Congratulations on your accomplishment!


Congratulations!!!! To many, many more!


Dziękuję, dobrze


I started on DuoLingo 100 days ago and just reached my 100 day streak. In that time I have achieved 471 crowns in French, saved 1091 lingots [there's nothing left to spend them on] and collected over 48000xp. This adventure was all started by a good friend who suggested I download the app so we could 'study together'. I think I may have taken the suggestion a little too seriously. The most important part though is that I have regained confidence and have made efforts to actually USE my French skills when I can. Living in Florida, I frequently encounter French Canadians [who have always been eager to oblige]. I look forward to the next 100 days!

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