Translation:Do not enter

September 29, 2017



I do not understand when we are suppose to say You or y'all or You all and when we are not. I assumed there was an attempt to get you to realize when the command was singular or plural but now it just seems to be frustratingly capricious. Sorry, I know this is a rant and not a discussion topic but hopefully somebody with editing access reads this. I hate this topic for this reason and this reason only.


don't come in - also proper answer


Is this the way that it would be written on a "do not enter" traffic sign?


Where do i find a source for the prefixes used in negative commands? Any help or suggestions are appreciated!


Nina vs Sina Una vs Huna Ana vs Hana Tuna vs Hatuna Mna vs Hamna Hawa vs Hawana

I hope this helps!


Ba shiga! in Hausa


Honestly...this is too irritating. When you give a common correct answer..and it is marked Error...even when is a better answer .


Anyone know why the 'a' at the end of Ingia is just replaced with one 'e' instead of 'eni' like the rest? Any help appreciated

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