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I keep getting cut off after I finish or almost finish a lesson. It just goes blank.

April 2, 2014



I have been having a similar problem recently. What browser do you use?


Safari. Really an impossible session today. Started 5 times and got almost through and it cuts off and I had to start over. Not the first day it has happened, but the first time I had to start over 5 times. I got NO credit today.


What browser version are you using? Thanks!


I also use Safari, thanks


Can.you tell us wha exact version it is?


I've had similar problems with Safari (version 7.0.2, Mavericks). Also, today, when I clicked on links in DuoLingo emails, the page only loaded some of the graphics and none of the text. Same problem in Chrome. I restarted the Mac and that seems to have fixed things.


Just happened to me now, had only just started lesson and completely threw me out of Duolingo.


Maybe see if Safari needs an update, if so, please update this, then check if if it works. If it still does not works, please say it, I'll try to find a solution as soon as possible :-).

Edit : Can you also check if it works on another browser? Thank you!


Me too. It's annoying.


How to correct this? I use google chrome browser.


Still getting cut off. Will Duolingo please correct this. It's hindering the learning and enjoyment of the app.

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