"They cannot stand the color of these cars."

Translation:Nesnášejí barvu těchto aut.

September 29, 2017



I made a mistake in this/that and entered "Nesnášejí barvy tamhletěch aut.", but it suggested: "nesnášejí barvy tuhletěch aut". What is "tuhle-" means? It was not in Demonstratives description. And also there was a pattern like prefixes tam-/tamhle- stand for "that" and suffixes -to/-hle stand for "this". And "tuhle-" is also prefix, but it should be "this" here. * When I say "this" or "that" here, I mean "this/these", "that/those"

September 29, 2017


Czech seems to be replacing the lack of articles with numerous demonstratives. TUHLE is another word for TADY. So here you can say TADYTĚCH, TUHLETĚCH, TĚHLETĚCH, TĚCHTO and number of derivates that are likely not proper grammar yet used TADYHLETĚCH comes to mind.

September 29, 2017


Šlo by to přeložit i jako Nemohou vystát barvu těchto aut? Can I translate Nemohou vystát barvu těchto aut? Thanks

January 19, 2018
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