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  5. "오렌지들 대부분 작아요."

"오렌지들 대부분 작아요."

Translation:Most of the oranges are small.

September 29, 2017



Can we say "Oranges are mostly small"?

And all in all, don't say the Korean course on Duolingo is the worst:) It's great, and although there can be mistakes, please remember, it's done by enthusiasts and it is available for free. It's definitely the best free course I've seen, so thanks a lot for the guys, who created the course, you made my dream to study korean come true ^__^


I have not tried any other languages with Duo. I have been studying Korean once a week for 9 years, and this program is a really good practice to reinforce what I am learning from the textbooks. Yes, there are mistakes. All humans make mistakes. The people who work on this program have been fixing problems. So I agree that we should thank all the people who work hard to make this useful program. :) Oct. 21, 2019.


I'm pretty sure "Oranges are mostly small" would translate to "오렌지는 보통 작아," where "보통" means "usually." The sentence given, on the other hand, implies that out of a selected group of oranges (오렌지"들"), most of them are small. Source: grew up speaking Korean but forgot a lot of stuff, that's why I'm here



(1) 대부분 (adverb): Mostly = most of the time = usually

대부분 + Adjectival verb = 보통 + Adjectival verb

오렌지들 대부분 작아 = 오렌지들 보통 작아 = oranges are mostly (usually) small

(2) 대부분의 (determiner): Most

대부분의 + Noun = Most + Noun

대부분의 오렌지들 작아 = Most oranges are small

(3) 의 대부분 (noun) = the majority of = most of

Noun의 + 대부분 = Most of the + noun / Most of + Proper noun

오렌지들의 대부분 작아 - Most of the oranges are small.

서울의 대부분은 하루 종일 건조합니다 = Most of Seoul will be dry all day.

(4) IMO: in this example, since case markers are omitted

오렌지들 대부분 작아 can be interpreted as either:

Most of the oranges are small


Those oranges are mostly small


There's a massive problem with the use of articles given that there is no context provided. The answers have to be flexible. This question is a classic example of problematic items on the Korean tree.


Agreed! Most oranges are small should have been accepted


Yeah, Ive tried multiple courses with Duo. This is absolutely the worst one.


No. The english course for indonesian speaker is the worst. This is definitely better ㅋㅋㅋ


There was no time spent on this course. Somebody just backward translated the Korean course or something. Its like a single english speaker was never even consulted for the answers.


It should be "오렌지들은 대부분 작아요"


"Most oranges are small" wasn't accepted.


대부분 is a noun meaning "most of, the greater part of". So Duolingo's translation to "usually", an adverb, is misleading (and causing confusion here).


Why not "oranges are usually small"?


보통 means usually. 대부분 means most of. The category here is indefinite Pronouns, although there are some indefinite Adverbs mixed in. 보통 means usually.


It should be considering that when I hovered over the words it gave me "oranges", "usually", "are small"... I don't understand why connecting the given translations is wrong?



대부분 (noun) - [대, large 부분, part] = the majority


• 대부분 (used as a pronoun) = Most, almost all.

오렌지들은 달콤하지만 대부분은 작습니다 The oranges are sweet but most are small.

• 대부분 + Noun (used as a determiner) = most/most of

대부분(의) 오렌지들은 작습니다 = Most (/of the) oranges are small

• 대부분 + Adj/Verb (used as an adverb) = mostly, by and large.

오렌지들은 대부분 작습니다 = The oranges are mostly small.


The oranges are almost small. The oranges are approximate small.

both all are correct?


They are not correct. Neither almost nor approximate have the same meaning as 'most'


The dictionary definitions it Duolingo lists for these words don't give any indication the word "most" is anywhere in this sentence, though: https://i.imgur.com/Lf7loay.png

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