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Should Immersion come back?

Yes, yes it should. But I think it needs to be implemented differently this time. For example, Duolingo should easily be able to add immersion to the Duolingo app, allowing most of its user base to engage in the real-world examples of the language they're learning. They could also add discussions to the Duolingo app. Of course, these features should also return to the website (not discussion it's already here again, immersion). This was because prior to cutting off Immersion, duolingo made money using Immersion. This was how they were able to not have ads, but now that the mobile version has ads I think that immersion should be available on the Mobile version. Immersion on the mobile version should also allow for the return of Immersion on the website to be possible too.

This means we can remove ads on the mobile version of Duolingo and have it be funded how it was previously - or, perhaps even better, a combination of ads and immersion. I really hope immersion comes back, and I am aware that people have tried to bring it back through petitions and such.

September 29, 2017



I forgot to mention why the previous version of Immersion didn't exactly succeed - not enough people were aware of it. Only a part of Duolingo users used immersion back when it was available, while most people either just used the app or did not use the immersion in the website. Adding Immersion to mobile will be a big step to making immersion one of the most popular aspects of the website, along with the most profitable. Another way we can make immersion more profitable is by adding a short of tutorial to both the web and mobile version of Duolingo. This means that when people enter the immersion tab for the first time, they are greeted with an interactive tutorial. It would make the Immersion tab easier to approach, allowing the pros of the immersion tab to shine through.

If that doesn't work as well, duolingo could include it in their duolingo tutorial (after completing their first topic, for example). This could translate to pointing out the immersion tab and its benefits to people, allowing for more customers towards Duolingo's end. I don't know if that was arguing against an actual argument, but that could be a way duolingo could re-do the immersion tab.

I didn't use the immersion tab that much when it was out, but when it WAS out it was incredibly enjoyable and allowed me to learn more vocabulary words in Spanish. I think that if we implement these plans (perhaps with a bit more professionalism) we can bring back immersion, allowing for better business for Duolingo and a more enjoyable experience for its users.


Also, people in the EU couldn't use it and it was only paid by a few companies.


I didn't realize that. Why was it restricted outside of the EU?


Probably copyright issues. Here's a discussion about it: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14648532


Some EU law regarding unpaid labour.


Ah. that makes more sense.


I'm new and would like to know if immersion will be brought back?

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