"How well do you know her?"

Translation:Jak dobře ji znáte?

September 29, 2017

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'Jak dobře znáš ji' - please, explain what is wrong here?


The "ji" is a clitic, so it has to be the second element in this sentence. The first one is "jak dobře - how well". Jak dobře ji znáš?


Thank you very much!


I thought "ji" was both the clitic and non-clitic of "her" in the accusative, in which case it could be in the same position that "tebe" could be in a sentence. Or is it that the accusative of "her" can ONLY be written as a clitic?


Ji is indeed an inconstant clitic. It can appear in the strong position.


Can you clarify what the "strong position" is? Are you saying that "Jak dobře znáš ji" is in fact a correct statement?


The strong position is either the first or last position - both are stressed. The first position is unlikely here as it's normally taken by the question word, although "A ji znáš jak dobře?" ("a" doesn't count) is marginally possible in speech (And what about her, how well do you know her?) The last position - "Jak dobře znáš ji?" is definitely correct (currently not accepted in this exercise though), but it will be pronounced with a lot of stress on "ji" and it also has a "what about her" meaning, contrasting "her" with someone else that has already been discussed before.

In most contexts and without using marked stress, "ji" will be unstressed and safely tucked in the second position.


Thanks much for this explanation. So complicated, but these details definitely help a ton!


Can kolik be used instead of jak?


Not really. You are asking about the quality of the "knowing". Not for any specific measure.

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