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"Where are you taking the table?"

Translation:Kam nesete ten stůl?

September 29, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I wrote, "Kam vezmeš ten stůl?" I was told that the correct answer was, "Kam vezeš ten stůl?" That looks wrong to me. Is it really right and was my answer really wrong?


    Those pesky letters. They sneak in and cause havoc. In your case, it was a Z.

    VEZMEŠ... is a future tense. Where will you take... So it would not be accepted due to the future tense.

    VEZEŠ is present or "taking something by a cart or a vehicle or some means of transportation" They system suggest a correct solution closest to yours, that is why you got this.

    You could also use NESEŠ, BEREŠ and formal versions of all these and some more. There are 385 correct sollutions available.


    "kam dáváš ten stůl" I don't understand why is this sentence incorect.


    That would be "Where are you putting/placing the table?"


    Why is "ten stůl" required? Can we not just say "kam neseš stůl"?


    I put Kam berete stůl and I don't understand why it's wrong. From kacenka9's comment, I think I got the verb part right. Why is ten necessary? My impression was that since Czech doesn't have articles per se the way English does, "the" doesn't always have to be translated. (I feel like this has been the case in some other sentences, but I can't think of an example off the top of my head.) I realize that without "ten", it could also mean "a table", but wouldn't you know what table you were talking about from the context? It would presumably be right in front of the speakers. So do you need the ten here?


    First, notice that this exercise is from Czech to English.

    It is hard to explain, but this case is quite unnatural without the demonstrative and unlikely to be used. Perhaps in "You were supposed to be taking chairs, so where are you taking the table?" but even there it is much more likely with "ten stůl" for emphasis.

    If you had several items, a chair, a table and a box, then "Put the table to the left." is completely sufficient as "Stůl dej doleva.". If you have several tables, you need to use a demonstrative to specify which one (ten, tenhle, tamten,...).

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