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El Alfabeto de Espanol (Spanish Alphabet)

I posted over a year ago saying that Putting in the Spanish Alphabet woulds be a good idea, There were a ton of responses on saying it is a good idea. Now that Duolingo has made tiny-cards I made the alphabet tiny-card deck for you with what they sound like and a letter(s) in a word.

You can do Lessons with it. It is out of order and there is no way to fix it. But this can help you memorize the alphabet not the order! Or you can just go to the cards page.


Hope this helps everyone!

Happy learning!

September 29, 2017



Gracias por tu aporte.


Youtube has been great for learning alphabets and pronunciation. However, I'm still mad that they removed "ch" from the Spanish alphabet because that's how I learned it as a child.


That's how I learned it too!


That probably reveals our age, but we won't mention it as it's against the Duolingo guidelines! ;)


It is indeed, Glad to see a lot of people still obeying them!

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