"January is a month of the year."

Translation:Janvier est un mois de l'année.

September 29, 2017

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Why not, Janvier est un mois de l'an?


Why is it not l'an?


The subject, "janvier", is already present. It is not necessary to use "c'est" or "it is/that is".


I used l’annee here. It is correct but it was a guess! Coz year standing alone I believe is feminine????? Unsure when to use which! Anyone know?


It all has to do with how you view the year. Is it being used for counting or stating a date (an) or is it being used to focus on events that take place within in (année)?

Here is a link that may help.

The word an tends to view the year as a single, objective "point" in time for the purpose of counting, stating a date etc;

The word année is more subjective: it is used to describe a particular year, or focus on the elapsed time and events that occur in a particular year or years.


When do I know when it is appropriate to use c'est or est?


For months of the year and days of the week, you can use month/day + est.

Juin est le meilleur mois pour un mariage. → June is the best month for a wedding.

For words like aujourd'hui, hier, demain, use c'est. These words are not nouns in French, but adverbs, so you need "c'est."

Aujourd'hui, c'est mon anniversaire. → Today is my birthday.

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