"I když ho vůbec neznáš?"

Translation:Even though you do not know him at all?

September 29, 2017

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Is it just me, or is it really saying "ty" at the start at normal speed?


no. I hear it as well... sigh


"And even you..." would it've been accepted? Thx


My guess is that it would not. I (native AmE) think that would be more like, "I ty ho vůbec neznáš?"


In the tips, the table has "i když" as "Even though" It also has the individual translations with a possible meaning of "I" = "Even" and "Když" = "When" Thus i wonder why my answer "Even when you do not know him at all?" was not accepted please .... especially when they give virtually the same meaning to the sentence? thanks


FWIW: From the English perspective, I'd say that "even though," "even if" and "even when" could be used here without much effect on the meaning of this sentence -- if "i když" can accommodate all three.

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