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  5. "고양이의 색깔은 노랑이에요."

"고양이의 색깔은 노랑이에요."

Translation:The cat's color is yellow.

September 29, 2017



Very unnatural english translation


No, it isn't. If the main topic is the cat, and you're describing various things about it, it's perfectly normal. I think you mean just in general conversation, this is not the first way most people would describe a cat's colour.


You're right, but the app does accept "the cat is yellow" as correct which would be a better translation in most circumstances


Dont think Ive ever used this semtence in English in my life! Very Duilingo.


XD I don't think I have ever used a "semtence," what is a semtence.

Sorry, I'm being mean


Why is there a ㅇ at the end of 노라?


노랗다 (노라요/노란) is an adjective, while 노랑 is a noun. Some languages don't have this distinction (in English yellow is yellow, period), while some do (Polish: żółty/żółć). Same goes with 파랗다/파랑, 빨갛다/빨강, 하얗다/하양, 검다/검정 for blue, red, white and black. I think I listed them all


Oh, I see I got ninja'd by ooe16


Hi Staszek: True. I tried to answer Bb5's query though I am still quite unsure about the origin of those color words.

Using the usual verb -nominalization process, the color nouns should logically end with either 기 or 음/ㅁ. This "ㅇ"- nominalization is definitely an irregularity. It has been suggested that it originates from the babification of 음/ㅁ (corruption of sound?) but there is nothing to support this.

As for the irregular "ᄒ" ending verbs, they might be some short form of N-하다 verbs (similar to the elision of 이 in 이다 after a vowel ending noun?)

e.g. 어떠하다 --> 어떻다 (be) how


Maybe you (or someone, anyone) can help?


Maybe it's not the verb>noun proccess which occured, but maybe it was the other way around... Like 노랑>노랑하다(?)>노랗다? The same way ex 그렇다 is derivered from 그, not the other way around? I'm just thinking, I have no idea either.


노랑 = yellow, color yellow (noun form).

Nouns of primary colors namely (color) black, (color) white, (color) red, (color) blue, (color) yellow all end in -ㅇ: 까망/검은. 하양. 빨강. 파랑. 노랑. respectively. [Etymology: unclear]

  • color black = 검정

Apologies for the earlier error.


Duolingo stans loona


The cat is yellow color. Is this sentence also correct?


• 고양이는 노란색이에요 = the cat is yellow / is yellow in color / is of yellow color

=> 노란 = yellow (adjective)

• 고양이의 색깔은 노랑이에요 = The color of the cat / the cat's color is [a/the] yellow

=> 노랑 = a/the yellow (noun)

The 2 sentences have the same meaning but their grammatical constructions are different.

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