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HELP, i need some Turkish TV show/movies/series/books.. but not drama and love!

i want somme of TV show/movies/series... to practise my Turkish, but i'm just a beginner.

September 29, 2017



And other TV movies =>>''Kardeş Payı'' and more...


thanks but there are some books(easy books) to read ?


Ahmet Ümit's books;

Agatha'nın anahtarı(easy) Kar Kokusu(inside) Masal Masal İçinde(easy) Kavim(inside)

But you should watch Turkish movie,news,TV programs because you do not understand for read book.


but most of turkish movies are about drama and love


Unfortunately! You can find Turkish documentary.


And You can watch all Turkish canal;



thanks but where i can find something easy to read ?


You can read on internet or Ex:I did change of computer games,Change the social media language,PC language,

On social media: You can follow the Turkish news site,humor site,Turkish Actors,on Facebook;


I did say TRT News for read. more more...


thanks and books for children ? someting for free....i had another problem...is that i purchase "Bonus Phrases" for 20 lingots and it appear for 5 min then it disappear like it wasn't


Regarding the bonus lessons: there is a bug with these bonus lessons, they disappear for everyone. Once DL staff fixes it, they should appear, but do not expect that to happen soon, the bug exists already for a long time... I would still recommend a decent course book with texts and explanations either from English or your native language. It takes time and patience. Maybe I am not as quick with learning but I am learning Turkish since November last year and still sometimes I look at a text written in this beautiful language - and it looks to me as incomprehensible as if written in cyrilic or chinese. I need to take a deep breath then - and be patient.


Sorry, I totally forgot this free phrasebook: https://www.50languages.com/phrasebook/em/tr/
It offers various hours of audios starting easy and slightly increasing in difficulty AND transscripts AND translations and some exercises ... there is even a book purchase offer, but you needn't buy it because all what you need is available for free. And you could maybe select another language instead of English to learn from by starting at the main menue here: https://www.50languages.com/
And there is also an App, but I prefer to download the mp3s to my own device.
But it is a phrasebook, you cannot expect any stories here. But no drama and comedy as well ;)


And there is Readlang, but I've not yet looked into this tool yet: http://readlang.com/tr/library


Yes! Turkish have a lot of story book.... For read;

=http://www.vazgectimsenden.com/Ali_Baba_ve_Kirk_Haramiler_Masali_1654_cocuk.htm (medium)

=http://masal-oku.com/ali-baba-ve-kirk-haramiler/ (easy)

=http://www.nkfu.com/dede-korkut-deli-dumrul-hikayesi/ (hard)

=https://www.frmtr.com/kitap-ozetleri/1039481-dede-korkut-hikayeleri-11-tane.html (hard)

Third and fourth link; First Turkish Story literature so very hard for read. İf you want another link I share.

For ''Bonus Phrases''; I do not suggest.


Çok teşekkür ederim :-)


Rica ederim, Can you find me on Facebook?Because I want help you more. I love Turkish learners.I am ready for what you need!


What a nice offer, thanks :)
Unfortunately I'm not on facebook yet, I still hope that Duo will implement something to replace the streams ...


Teşekkürler, Steffi!

I am always here(Duo). I am with you whenever you need help. Good work!! Turks love you very much.

Turkey is grateful to you.



Now you made me blush ;) Would it be appropriate to say "kıpkırmızı oldum" in reply to such a nice compliment? Thanks! I am not doing much, I'm only learning and sometimes reply in the forum.


Evet, you can say ''kıpkırmızı oldum''. Nice Steffi.


Hayır, şimdi sorunum yok :-)


Üzgünüm Steffi! I cannot help about link.I have no idea about this.

But Have you another problem?


Honestly, Turkish tv shows (most of them) are sick with love and drama. ven though there are some exceptions. I don't watch a lot of Turkish tv series but i have some suggestions might help you.

I strongly recommend you to check that 'İçerde' you can't really find Turkish series without drama or romance so this one has some too. But it's a great show.

If you look for something fun you could try 'Kardeş payı' or 'İşler Güçler'

As movies 'G.O.R.A or A.R.O.G' both fun and without drama/love.

These are i can only think of for now. Also to be honest, even tho you don't want it i'd recommend you should start with drama or love tv shows. There are not much of them (except for comedy/fun ones) and actors in comedy shows speak fast to make the jokes funnier. Which makes it hard for a beginner to pick the words. Also jokes might not make sense to a beginner. However its your choice. The reason why i strongly recommend 'İçerde' is that actors don't talk fast so you can pick the words. Also it containts as few drama and love as possible


It's a reasonably intense horror movie and definitely not for everyone, but if you're into that kind of thing, I really enjoyed "Baskin." It's full of drama in a blood, torture, and screaming kind of way, but it's definitely not a love or romance movie at all!

On an entirely different note, I also recommend "Kedi," which is a nice, light documentary about the street cats of Istanbul and the various people who take care of them. It's an enjoyable slice-of-life film that you could watch with anyone. Also not a romance, though!

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