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Messaging friends on Duolingo

Am I able to message my friends on Duolingo?

September 29, 2017



If you don't talk about the language your learning and just chat instead (which i've done several times) The discussions always get deleted in five mins or more. I finally stopped trying really. They only want you to talk about languages or talk in the language your learning. It's against the guide lines. If you set up a chat just for talking it will be deleted, Maybe you can for an hour or less but otherwise you can't. And if you keep doing it your account could get deleted also. Hope this helped :)


WOW they are a little harsh


It's because the website is intended for learning languages, and all the spam or chats clog up the discussion forums so it inhibits others' education.


ok but why do i always see people talking about stuff other than frensh and spanish????


The moderators also work hard to keep the discussions clear of any commits that veer off topic, or any commits that break the guidelines.


Ok, think of it your own way, but the truth is still the truth.


Have it your own way!


Duolingo teaches more languages than only French and Spanish. :)


French and Spanish aren't the only topics users are allowed to talk about, here are the guidelines, https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines. It should explain it in there everything you are and aren't allowed to talk about :)


but i think they allow others helping ppl with the language their learning idk


yeah but i wish they would get the chat thing back


You know what we be an awesome idea? If Duolingo added the option to actually be able to privately chat with people who are learning the same language as you or fluently speak the language that you are trying to learn. This way you can maybe set up something through Skype where you can both practice and actually be able to hear each other speak. The only problem I see with this is that people may try to use that like it's a dating site (because it always happens that way), but that's why you would need a "report" button where you can report the user if they send you a nasty message or something.


Allowing private chat on duolingo brings along safety issues for underage users that are part of the learning community here.


yes i think that would be great but it might go from learning languages to talking about other things


Have you ever had an account deleted before?


Ok thats good. Neither have I, this is my first account.


There used to be a friend messaging feature (the activity stream, it was really useful as it could also be used to see new posts/comments on posts by your friends easily), but they deleted it a few months ago because its tech was getting old and strained the site.

In his original announcement Luis did promise a replacement will be added eventually, but as far as I know there has been no news or updates on this so far. :-(


not that I know of, except if you follow the same discussion and chat on there! (other that i'm clueless)


There was once a way to do this, but Duolingo removed it.


i was going to ask that too that is sad


join this french chatroom on slack and you will be able to talk to otheres who are learning french.


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