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Encouraging students by sending messages to them

There should be a feature on writing short messages to students to encourage them for the work they have been doing. I can only see their progress and assign homework but apart from that there is no interaction between teacher-student and student-student.

September 29, 2017



I do not mean to write them a full message but something short like granting them a medal, a badge or something of the sort. Because I feel they do not get the impression that their teacher is really following their progress.


I have created a scoring system for my students, so they know I am checking them. Each week I set a goal for the students to reach in Duolingo, then in our Learning Management System I give them a standard score-4 exceeding the goal, 3 for meeting the goal, 2 for progressing. If they are very low I have conferences with them to see what we need to to reach our goal next time.


Well, you have their email addresses so it should be relative easy to send them all an email.


The Duolingo for Schools interface is designed for only one function: to let you see what your students are doing on Duolingo. It's best to communicate with your students using whatever means your school policy says you should use to communicate with them; your school's VLE, or your school's email system, or through a positive referral if that's appropriate, etc.


We have that one already. Every school has it... but having an extra option, one that they can see in their phone, whilst playing, is really interesting and I believe they would enjoy it


I agree. This feature is missing


I agree. I should be able to sent feedback to my students.


Totally agree. We need a message board, a forum, something where they mess around a little bit with the teacher as a moderator, literally like this forum. That way we can advise or guide them, or prompt them if we need to.

I really see the value of it


Yes. I have the same problem. They do not have their own email addresses, and I am not sure how to send a message to them when they log on to do work. Now that the summer holidays are about to start, and some students are moving on to a new school, it's important to keep in touch and to keep encouraging. I was wondering how to do that.

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