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  5. really hate the treasure chest


really hate the treasure chest

just a rant from someone so disappointed in the downhill decline of duolingo.i despise the treasure chest . it has nothing to do with learning, yet you end up feeling like a schmuck for choosing the wrong one, now that duolingo shows you what you ‘could’ have won if you’d chosen differently. just what i want from my language education.

September 29, 2017



I agree, it's ridiculous - as well as the option to "get" more gems if you watch a commercial. It has nothing to do with learning, it isn't even game theory, it's just plain gambling - with the high or the frustration attached (depending on whether you chose the "right" treasure chest).

What bugs me most, though, is the owl popping up after five questions to tell me how good I'm doing. Seriously? I don't need the owl to stroke my ego after answering just five questions correctly - it's ridiculous and childish, but I think that's the point. They made it child-friendly, so now all the rest of us have to put up with these ridiculous features. Once they get the website to match the app (and, as I see it, this is the direction they're taking), I think I'm going to quit Duo for good. It's a shame, it used to be such a great site!


To deactive those messages you just simply have to go to Settings - General - Motivational messages. And you're done. You should have known that after so long :/


Sil vous plait, non! What version do you have? Please don't leave us! We love you all! !


Is it a thing on mobile?


Yes, some iOS users have a health system on their Duolingo account.


My treasure challenge only shows the XP goal for the challenge and gives me 10 lingots once I reach it. I don't see any choosing involved. :/


On my Iphone, at the end of the lesson, it gives me three treasure chests to choose from, as a reward for doing my lesson. These days, if you sit through a commercial, you can choose a second one to get more gems - not to be confused with lingots (my gem number is not the same as my lingot number). And it always shows you how many gems there were on the third one - hence my comment above about gambling.

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