"On se ptá naší sestry."

Translation:He is asking our sister.

September 29, 2017

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Ok, I'm very confused. Why is this "sestry" and not "sestru" for a single sister?


Form "sestry" is used for - genitive SG (in this sentence) and also nominative PL


Ah, I get it, ptát wants genitive. Is there somewhere (preferably online) a good list of "look up for each Czech verb which case goes with it"?


The verb is ptát se. And it can use eiter genitive - ptát se někoho/něčeho (to ask sb.) or accusative ptát se na někoho/něco (to ask after sb.) (Like in german fragen und nachfragen)

I don't know about such a list, but maybe someone else does.


In other words:
1. ptát se na + acc
2. ptát se + gen


The Tips & Notes for this lesson lists four verbs that govern the gentitive: se boyim, si beru, se ptám, si vážím.

I note that all four take either se or si.

  1. Do all verbs that govern the genitive take either se or si?
  2. Do all verbs that take se or si govern the genitive?


What's the plural genitive? How would you say "he is asking our sisters"?


On se ptá naších sester.

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