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  5. "Vidíš ty barvy?"

"Vidíš ty barvy?"

Translation:Do you see the colors?

September 29, 2017



Am I correct that "ty" can mean both "the/those" and "you" here? Pretty interesting sentence.


No here ty means only "the/those". But can ask "Ty ty barvy vidíš?" (first ty means "you" and the second means "the/those"). ;)


Is it ever allowed to put the pronoun after the verb in Czech? My first instinct was to translate this sentence as "Do you see colours?"


But what if we ask a color-blind person? So we ask if a person generally sees colors or not. Could we use the same question meaning "ty" as "you" or it'd be better to rephrase it?


If you want to ask if someone is able to see colors, you ask: "Vidíš/Vidíte barvy?" or "Barvy vidíš/vidíte?" Or if you are surprised that some person is able to see colors, you ask "Ty vidíš/Vy vidíte barvy?"

There is no need to use the pronoun because the verb ending shows what person we talk about.


Why is "Do you see colors" counted as incorrect?


ty barvy is very specific for those colors or the colors


Why is "Do you see those colors" not accepted?


It is. Please use the report button and check for typos.

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