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  5. "집 안에 있으면 눈이 아름다워요."

" 안에 있으면 눈이 아름다워요."

Translation:If you are inside the house, snow is beautiful.

September 29, 2017



"The snow is beautiful if you are inside the house" should be an acceptable answer. It seems like a more natural English translation.


I said 'in' rather than 'inside', I think that should be accepted too.


They should add more alternative answers to this question.


Which word means 'if'?


있으면. Its not a separate word but an ending, in this case attached to the verb 있다.


Could "if snow is inside the house, it is beautiful." be a correct translation? I know it doesnt make sense but without specifying "you" it could be right? Lol


It's not possible because there are two parts of the the sentence :

"집 안에 있으면" = If inside a house

"눈이 아름다워요" = Snow is beautiful

If you want to say if snow is inside the house it woul look something like

"눈이 집 안에 있으면" = if there's snow in the house

I'm a beginner, so this might be worng. This is just from what I've gathered


Well it's not very beautiful when you're homeless


The English translation is the same in meaning either the subordinate clause is the first or the principal one!


I said "If you are inside the home" instead of "inside the house" and i checked and that absolutely should not count as around

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