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What Language are you learning?

What are you learning and why? I am learning Russian because I thought it was interesting and decided to learn it because I was encouraged by a Youtuber.

September 30, 2017



French. Always wanted to, ever since I was a little kid.


I am learning Latin because: It's the only language my school offers, and it's awesome.

I am learning Spanish because: Spanish will be extremely useful as I live in the USA and since I really want to go to either Mexico or Spain!

I am learning French because: I want to go to Paris and French is also a really interesting language.

I am learning Japanese because: Japanese is really interesting and awesome.

I am learning Swedish because: My great-Grandmother was Swedish, and I have Swedish blood.

I am learning Czech because: Czech is awesome!

I am learning Turkish because: Turkish is a really fascinating language and very widely spoken, and I want to go to Turkey!

I am learning Portuguese because: I want to go to Portugal and/or Brazil!

I am learning Korean because: Same reasons as Japanese.

I am learning Catalan because: I am really interested in this language, Spanish practice, and of course, I want to go to Andorra.

I am learning Chinese because: Chinese is the most spoken language in the world!


Learning a language in general is incredibly useful, so I went with the language that's used second most often in America. Spanish is generally easier to learn for English speakers than some other languages, so that helps.

Russian is an interesting choice, btw ^.^


I am learning French! I've always been interested in France, and although I'm Hispanic, my grandma on my mother's side and my grandma on my father's side are both French.


German. It sounds quite good and I always wanted to. I kind of have a joke that I can understand what all those German generals are screaming in the movies but that's not the real reason.


I watch a lot of German movies and listen to a lot of German music, so I thought, why not see if I can learn the language? Then I can understand the music and movies better, both linguistically and culturally. Some favorite bands are Pending Position, SITD, Die Braut, and Rammstein. And in film, the old silent German Expressionist films fascinate me.


I'm learning french because i have to and because i like it. Learning languages is good, too! Im only doing french, but when i've finished doing the tree i think i'll do German. Are you new, by the way? If you are, welcome!


Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to learn German and go to Germany because I am almost 100% German. Turns out its pretty hard lol.


Good thinking. Why did you get encouraged to learn Russian? Oh wait, I know, because I'm learning it. lol. just kidding! Anyhow, what was the real reason you got encouraged to learn Russian?


Mostly I thought it sounded quite funny and cool so I decided since someone I know watches someone on youtube who speaks russian I could then translate to them


Oh, ok :) I'm learning it because my Dad is, and I want to be ahead. lol.


I am learning many languages but I focus primarily on Czech because its awesome my best friends are Czech and I am currently living in Czech Republic with two small children so it is also important :P but any ways I have had a desire to know the language since I was 6 when I did a book report on Czech Republic and my grandpa told me old stories about our Czech family :)

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