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Discussion Topic: Clubs

Could there be a discussion topic about Clubs here? That was if someone wants to join a friendly club they can ask, or of someone has created a club and no one is joining they can advertise here? It would mean it doesn’t clog up the normal Duolingo discussion topic.

I think if this was implemented people who want a club can feel fine to post here :)

Thanks :)

((This is meant to notify people who work on this site!))

September 30, 2017



Destiny 2 is a great model for what happens when you let people make their own clubs. An incredibly small minority take advantage of the system and put it to good use, but mostly you just have 10 million personal clubs with only 1 person in it. If it weren't for the obvious educational uses, I think it would have been phased out already, and since it's only for mobile, probably still will.


Kobbst has set up an index of Duolingo clubs on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Duolingoclubs/. You might want to post your club there, so that other people can find it and join you.

Good luck with your club :)


And if you can’t/don’t want to access reddit?

Plus not everyone knows about it so it would be easier here ;)


I haven't joined a club. I'm free for people to add me.


It doesn’t work like that — there is a club code which you have to enter, or you can join a random one in suggestions.


Oh ok. No worries I misunderstood.


Plus it is app only


Thanks for opening this discussion topic.

I have created a club for learners who study Greek regularly and want to feel encouraged by active members. Current rules are: members scoring few XP's will not be removed, but totally inactive members will be removed on Sundays.

For the interested ones, the club's name is Μεράκι and the code is 277WF4.

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