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Profile messages removed?

When did duolingo remove profile messages and comments? There used to be a feed on peoples profile to see their recent activity or say hi.

Why did they remove this? Whats the point of following people and making friends if you can't even talk to them:/

September 30, 2017



Here is the announcement you missed: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909 It takes a while to load since it has so many comments, so be patient!


Yes, that's what I had read, looking forward to the forum rewrite, IMO the slowest part of Duolingo and with many lacking features...


They removed it earlier than expected because they updated the website. How do you not know about this if you have a streak of 739 days?


I don't check my profile everyday and wasn't sure exactly when it happened, but i mainly want to know WHY they removed it


It wasn't because of the website update. It happened a couple of weeks before that, and was because the Activity Streams feature was killing the site. Adder3 has posted a link to the announcement above.

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