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Japanese progression...

HI everyone,

I started learning Japanese 2 months ago, using my mobile app as web version is not yet available. However I feel like the way this language progresses, basically the way is laid out is too fast for me? I don't feel ready to move onto Food topics when I have not yet nailed the standards 'he, she, it, we etc' let alone Katakana.

What do you guys think? How is it going for everyone else? Am I paranoid?

And I don't have the 'bots' tab for Japanese and that would really help?

Any ideas?

Thanks guys, Raluca

September 30, 2017



This might be because duolingo offers no grammar explanations so you either have to figure everything out yourself or use something else for it. There is plenty resources online you can use: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/ http://www.imabi.net/


Great! I will check this out! Thanks!


I found the course very weak!


Did you already know some Japanese before starting the course? If you don't mind sharing, what did you do while going through the Japanese course? Did you use anything else, like a grammar book?


In fact my friend, I already study Japanese well before I even meet Duolingo, I study with videos on You Tube!


I don't think it moves too quickly; it seems just about right to me (who had no prior knowledge of Japanese). I do wish katakana were taught in one place, however, rather than spread out as it is, as it is impossible to do any kind of focused review of it that way.
There is a great dearth of kanji, however. The course ought to teach things how they are normally written, not a kindergarten version; teaching so few kanji is a great impediment to reading any real Japanese. It doesn't even seem to teach I/you/he/etc., which should be amongst the most basic of the basics.


The japanese language does not use pronouns as much as the european ones. It's probably the reason why they do not appear early in the course.


If you feel it's moving too fast just keep repeating some exercises until you feel confident enough. Don't worry, everyone has their own pace. :)


that is a very good point, thanks :)


Thanks guys, I appreciate your answers. I just wanted to make sure I am on the right track, this was never meant to be an easy language.


I'm waiting for the web version to continue at a decent speed because I'm hoping it'll have tips & notes. I feel like I can't fully learn the language unless I get a clear explanation of the grammar, particles particularly. I am getting back into it though as I've got the Genki textbooks and am working through them now so I can gain a deeper understanding of how the language works.


I feel as if I am making one step forward and two steps backward with Japanese.I do not think I would finish the tree in my lifetime.I am thinking of giving up.


Someone recommended Memrise, it eases you in slower and it might bring your passion back for the language, but don't give up, plus you can always come here every now an then and test your knowledge. :)


Memrise is good for vocab, wanikani is good for kanji (although its not free) and tae kim (free) or genki books are great for grammar. I strongly recommend a combination of memrise for vocab and tae kim for grammar (both free)


A continuation on what you said - Drops is another good app for vocab. It has 99 different topics, from food and vegetables to prison. You only get five minutes a day (Unless you use it consistently for 5 days, each day you get bonus time) however you can pay for unlimited time.


There are no bots for Japanese yet.


Also, it might help to get some info from outside Duolingo. I'm doing this for my Korean right now: I was forever stuck on Alphabet 2 (!) because I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on with those signs. So I got an introductory textbook from the library, and everything is so much clearer now.

And yes, patience. The race is not to the swift.

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