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  5. "Mae tair hosan yma."

"Mae tair hosan yma."

Translation:There are three socks here.

September 30, 2017



The use of sock for 'hosan' rather than stocking is inconsistent in duolingo.


hosan is used for both 'sock' and 'stocking'.


Why "tair" and not "tri"?


"Tri" is used with masculine nouns and "Tair" with feminine ones. So "tri chi", (three dogs-note the aspirate mutation after "Tri" but not "Tair") but "Tair cath" (Three cats".


In the previous lesson, Mae meant "is." If I hovered over it, it would say "is." Sanau was previously used for socks. Now it's been replaced with hosan. This is very confusing.

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There are two possible translations to this sentence:-

'There are three socks here' or 'Three socks are here'

Usually 'mae' without a following definite article, pronoun, noun or proper name is translated as 'there is/are', otherwise the meaning of 'mae' = is/are

The second point you make is about 'socks'

A sock = hosan; Socks = hosanau (but this is often contracted to 'sanau')

Numbers take the singular noun in Welsh so 'three socks' = tair hosan (because 'hosan' is a feminine noun)


You have to remember that Cymraeg doesn't work off of the same gramatical system as English. If you think back to the previous subject where Mae was introduced, it was a positive confirmation as opposed to a question or a negative.

In english you'd have to translate it according to the context of the sentence. The positive confirmation of is would be There is. However, since in this context it's plural, it would be There are.

That is my understanding of it anyway.


Three socks! Typical. I know the feeling.


Wouldn't 'Here are three socks' also suffice to carry the meaning of that sentence? (I do know that Mae .. can be used for the English There are but I didn't think it was fully necessary unless the sentence wouldn't make any sense otherwise)


"Here are three socks" would be "Dyma dair hosan".


Why not 'Mae tair hosan yn yma'?


yn is not required here to link to the adverb yma.

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