"Ei vor să intre în magazin."

Translation:They want to enter in the shop.

September 30, 2017

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I am not sure if the preposition "in" is quite correct in English.


a vrea
eu vreau
tu vrei
el/ea vrea [subjunctive: să vrea = să vreie]
noi vrem
voi vreți
ei/ele vreau = vor [subjunctive: să vrea = să vreie]


we enter something not in something False again, this course is directed by a robot ... at least this is what I feel.
So "They want to enter the shop" should be the good translation in my oppinion


Duo not only makes learning Romanian difficult, but here, as in many other texts, it also wants the students to ruin their English. Enter is a transitive verb: I still want to enter a shop, store, room etc. I do not enter in, into etc. Do something about these stupidities!


It seems no one from Duo is monitoring this forum, only frustrated users. My advice: post such complaints on the main forum page Duolingo in English (https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/1). It is visible by users of all courses, not only the Romanian one. This might raise the level of awareness and shame of the course developers - if they really still exist.


This goes too far. The responsable who so ever at duo has to do something about duo's English. Start by deciding what to accept/require with the verb enter.


'To enter the shop' gives a mistake. 'To enter in the shop' is poor English.


2/23/2022 "They want to enter the shop" was just accepted for me. Perhaps you had a different error in your sentence?


Is a supermarket also magazin? Can magazin mean any shop?


I heard them also saying market for a supermarket. I don't think it's a rule though. So, according to my experience, it does mean any shop


I understand the subjunctive and think that I use it correctly in both Spanish and Italian, but I am annoyed that the course developers have stopped teaching except by using sentences.There were no notes on the imperfect which I also understand via Spanish and Italian and neither are there any notes on the subjunctive. If I weren’t so close to the end of the course I would just give up.

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