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  5. "You did not know about it?"

"You did not know about it?"

Translation:Vy jste o tom nevěděli?

September 30, 2017



"O tom jsi nevěděl?" gets corrected with "O tom jste nevěděl?, but shouldn't it be a possible translation?


Why is leaving out 'vy' marked wrong here.


'Jste' needs to be in the second position in the clause, if you leave out 'vy', you need to move it.


Často zde vidím anglickou větu, která má být tázací,napsanou jako kladnou/you didn't know x did you not know/je to správně gramaticky nebo americká verze, prosím?


What is wrong with: Vy jste nevěděli o tom ?


That is really strange. You are wondering that didn't know specifically ABOUT THAT as opposed to the many other things they did know about. Even if you wanted exactly this, one would normally choose some other words and not "o tom". Most likely one would explicitly name the soecific thing.

Normally the main point of the sentence is the not knowing and therefore the verb goes last.

Vy jste nevěděli o tom úspěchu? You didn't know about that succes?

Vy jste nevěděli o tom, že ... ? You didn't know (about the fact) that ... ?

These two are both fine, but just "o tom" is not natural.

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