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"Sipendi kusoma somo la Kingereza"

Translation:I do not like to study English

September 30, 2017



The translation is quite strange. Usually we don't "read" a subject, we "study" it. But we could "read" a lesson. We also don't usually say "lesson" or "subject" explicitly when talking generally about school subjects, only when speaking about a specific instance of a lesson (like today's lesson), and then we would use "the". So I guess two correct translations could be: I do not like to study English. (the subject) I do not like to read THE English lesson. Reported 30 Sept 17


Reading a lesson is a very strange concept to me.

I think they put lesson/subject to make it clear in the English that's what they mean. "I don't like to study English" could be translated to sipendi kusoma Kiingereza, which has a different meaning to what they are trying to teach. It's a cack-handed way of doing it, but whatever.


I think that it is more likely that the course had little to no input by native English speakers, thus accounting for the fact that few of the non-sentence-fragments sound wholly unnatural. Hence also such phrases as "pupils have passed examination" and "he has passed good", neither of which can possibly be considered correct grammar.


Why not, "I don't like studying English"? Perfectly natural English, and there's nothing in the Swahili (at least in my elementary knowledge) to say this would be wrong.


"I don't like to read the English lesson" . somo la Kingereza must be more than just English?

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