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German Words

I am having a VERY hard time figuring when to use words such as das, der, and die in German. I know they mean the, but I don't understand which word to use:/ Can someone please explain it to me in an easy to understand way? The other words I am stuck on are ein and eine, and words such as lese and lesen. Thanks so much in advance!

September 30, 2017



First, you could change the topic from "Duolingo" to "German", that way this discussion would appear in the German forum, and you would get more answers. You don't have to delete the discussion and post is again, just change the topic.

Second, German words can be masculine, feminine and neuter, with the corresponding articles der, die , das. Yes, it is hard to pick which one, people usually say you simply have to learn the gender with each word. For example for dog, don't learn it as Hund, but "der Hund"

There are some rules though, but they do not cover every word. See here: http://www.passion4teq.com/articles/der-die-das-gender-article-rules/


Great suggestion thanks:)


There are already good explanations for "der", "die", "das" and "ein"/"eine" in Duolingo. ...You can enter the data (for example duolingo der die das) at google. Then you see all contributions on the topic.

Ich lese = I read, er/sie/es liest = he/she/it reads, wir/sie/Sie lesen = we/they/you read, du liest = you read


I guess it just takes a little while to memorize


Learn nouns like a German; for example, the word for apple is "der Apfel" and not just "Apfel". In school when we would review vocabulary and used the wrong gender, it would be counted as incorrect.

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