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Transition between Trees

The Welsh course is currently in A/B testing. My current classrooms in Schools is running Tree 1. What happens if pupils sign up, link to my classroom, and are automatically put onto Tree 2?

Is there a way for me to "force" their account to the more stable Tree 1?


September 30, 2017



Students are not affected by tree A/B tests. They should all automatically be in the "stable" tree.


OK. So. A student signed up and THEN joined my classroom. She happened to be given the new tree.... My Duo class I believe is liked to the old course. When I set assignment skills, mine don't match up with hers. What shall I do?


My new tree (Dutch for English speakers) returned to the old one, after I joined a classroom.


Hello Sean,

Students are not affected by tree A/B tests

Pentaan pointed me to this thread.

Sometimes it is a bit hard to (completely) understand English texts as a German speaker.

Actually you do not mean "Student classrooms" but "Student accounts".

This explains my "Teacher account" problem with different (empty) classrooms and three converted A/B trees: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27976263$comment_id=27983709


Yup! It's the whole account that is exempt from A/B tests.

This is not a permanent thing though: if you delete all classrooms you have created and leave any classrooms you have joined you will no longer be considered to be "using Duolingo for Schools" so you will see tree experiments again.

Hope that clarifies it! :)


Hello Sean,

Quote: Yup! It's the whole account that is exempt from A/B tests. Hope that clarifies it! :)

I could create a 2nd (dedicated) account and assign this to the teacher on schools.duolingo.com.

I do understand when I click on the student button for my current account, that it would bring up the same problems as described (valid for the account).

Q: What would happen, if I just enter the classroom code for my current account for the two PT-EN and PT-DE reverse trees (non A/B) but I do not share the progress for my (selected) A/B EN-PT tree?

Q2: Does "share progress" (enter classroom code) automatically put the current logged-in account (which username I post here) into schools.duolingo.com as a student (generic approach)?

AFAIU I can have different classroom codes on https://www.duolingo.com/settings/schools.
Is the course selection of the currently learning tree independant from it?

Quote: and leave ANY classrooms you have joined

Update: Okay...the stress lays on the word ANY.

Does it explicitely use the currently selected course or is this "progress sharing" and "Join classroom" button more a generic / account (logged in = registered as student) approach?

I think because of the new quote I answered the question to myself:
Join ANY classroom for a logged in account and it will be registered as a student on schools.duolingo.com.

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