"Starám se o zvířata."

Translation:I take care of the animals.

September 30, 2017

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If i wanted to include já in the sentence, would it become "Já se starám o zvířata" ?


Yes, because the reflexive pronoun "se" needs to be in the second logical position. More details on this site about word order


I was wondering if "staram se" means care for as in physically tending to someone(s) or if it can also mean care about, have concern for (emotional, rather than physical). Pedro_42's comment seems to indicate that like in English, the Czech word can have both meanings. Would appreciate it if a native Czech speaker or moderator could comment on this issue.


Nobody replied to this in 2 years, so I'll answer, although you're probably not learning Czech anymore.

"Starám se o zvířata" means I actually tend to animals physically. "I have concern for animals" or "I care about animals" can be expressed in a few other ways, for example "Záleží mi na zvířatech" or "Mám zájem o zvířata", depending on context.


I'm confused by these reflexive verbs in Czech. How is taking care of animals reflexive?


The possible translations I found for "starat se" are "take care; look after; mind; attend; be concerned with"; I think the reflexive sense comes from the meaning "being concerned with" (because it refers back to the subject).

This is not the case but, whenever possible, I think it helps to compare the reflexive verb with its non-reflexive counterpart. For example, "učit se" means "to study", whereas "učit" means "to teach". So, what's reflexive about studying? You're teaching yourself!

Lastly, here's a quote from the book "Czech - An Essential Grammar": "Certain very common verbs are permanently accompanied by 'se', and thus (are) always reflexive, (but) not always with any obvious logical reason, e.g. dívat se ‘to look’, ptát se ‘to ask’ (a question), bát se ‘to fear, to be afraid’".


Why , i take care of animals, was mark as Wrong? Why should be - the animals ???


Because you answered "animles"???

Sorry, I am becoming allergic to so many questionmarks in this context. Please do check for typos.


Při najetí myši na "o" se ozve "velké o".


My o tom víme, bohužel oprava není v našich rukou.


Děkuji, to byla opravdu rychlá odpověď :-)


Bug alarm! Since a few days, instead of "o" as I touch"o" it says "velké o". Very annoying! Fix it, please. (Happens in every exercise where "o" appears)


Well known, the responsible people won't fix it. Do not report.


"We take care of animals" was marked as wrong, and the proposed correct answer is "we take care of the animals".

Why is "the" necessary in this case?


It must be I take care, not WE. The article is not necessary.


Proč musí být v překladu: THE animals


Nemusí. "I take care of animals" je taky uznané řešení.

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