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What does the timed practice do and could anyone explain?

I was wondering what the timed practice is and if you get anything from it? Thanks for replying if you do!

September 30, 2017



Timed practice is available on the website, once you have paid your lingots, to the right of the top of the tree (where, under your weekly progress graph, it says "Strengthen skills") and for each skill once you have completed all the lessons (at the top right the button will say "STRENGTHEN"). The first strengthens all of the skills you have practiced so far, and the second is just for the particular skill. The screen that you are presented after selecting either variety of strengthening will now have a button on the lower right that says, "Start timed practice."

It is GREAT for making your "language reflexes" faster--the quicker you recall a meaning (and type it in) the better you will do. If it is frustrating at first, keep at it and you'll probably see a lot of progress and really enjoy it. If it is REALLY hard at first, try practicing with the non-timed practice for a skill until you get all the answers right for each attempt w/ no peeking at answers, and then try the timed exercise for that skill.


It;s just a timed practice, as opposed to the usual that you can take as much time as you want with. You spend 10 Lingots to challenge yourself, and I think you get bonus exp if you complete it with no errors or something. TIMED PRACTICES SHOULD BE AVAILABLE ON THE MOBILE APP, btw. Just my opinion.


Timed practice is a really good way to speed up your thinking in the language. The questions are basically the same, you just can't ponder them. I'm not sure being available on the app is good, as the teeny tiny letters on the screen lead to more errors, in my opinion.


Thank you for that tip!

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