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"Kevés turista érkezik ebbe az országba a gazdag országokból."

Translation:Few tourists arrive in this country from rich countries.

September 30, 2017



From THE rich countries is correct too, please change!


I proposed from ( the) rich countries as we cannot understand when you want A translated but that was rejected too...


It was A gazdag,so shouldn't it be THE rich countries


No, it could be a concept applying to rich countries in general.


You do not need the "a" in the Hungarian sentence, but it is correct too. Both translations should be accepted – with or without "the".


What's wrong with : "few tourists from the rich countries arrive into this country"?


Two things about this translation.

  1. "Arrive" is static in English. Meaning you cannot arrive "into", "onto", or "to" a place, but rather arrive "in", "on", or "at".

  2. (A minor thing.) Your translation suggests that the tourists are citizens of the rich countries, but the Hungarian sentence does not say that. The original sentence just states that they are currently coming from the rich countries.


I agree with Ryagon IV with regard to no. 1. You can’t say ‘into’ here even though the Hungarian indicates movement.

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