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"Pamatuješ se na toho chlapce?"

Translation:Do you remember that boy?

September 30, 2017



Another question said something like "ten den pamatuji". What's the difference between "pamatovat" and "pamatovat se na"?


i dont understand why the "se na" is here either. "Pamatuju" seems to accomplish the same thing.


But Czech grammar is not based on English-speakers' logic. As noted by Paul440375, 'pamatovat se na (toho chlapce)' is less common nowadays but generally people still say 'pamatovac si (toho chlapce)'.


Is the reflexive se necessary here?


It is possible to drop it, but then it feels kind of colloquial. I would probably use "pamatovat si", because "pamatovat se" is a little archaic these days.


Why is 'pamatovat se na' used here and not 'pamatovat si'?


"Pamatovat se na" is becoming archaic these days, but both versions are correct and interchangeable.


so "pamatuješ si toho chlapce?" is also correct?


Can i just use pamatovat alone?


pamataju na jeho slovo does not use the se ?? what is the difference? The conversation below only discussed using the se .


There is also "pamatovat na něco" and pamatovat něco". Both slightly different, but overlaping. Or even archaically with genitive "Pamatuj jeho slov.".

It is hard to explain the differences. Look at the many examples in the dictionary https://bara.ujc.cas.cz/psjc/search.php?hledej=Hledej&heslo=pamatovati&where=hesla&zobraz_ps=ps&zobraz_cards=cards&pocet_karet=3&numcchange=no&not_initial=1

For me, pamatovat něco can also mean that I am old enough to be able to remember something. Pamatovat na jeho slova or even jeho slov means you follow those words, the advise or orders that were given to you.

Pamatovat na někoho can mean to count with them (when sharing something, when inviting...).


complicated ok. Hope my old brain can understand this :)


I have another problem. For me "toho" means that or this, in Morava, my granma did not make a difference. Why is this marked wrong?


Your grandma translated that into English or what did she actually say? There is a difference between this and that and between ten and tenhle and tamten.


I got here through a Type What You Hear. My answer was accepted, though with a note that "pamatuješ" doesn't need the čárka that I put over the "e." I'm probably being too picky, but I want to point out that the audio definitely, at the slow speed, sounds like that "e" is looooooong. I'm grateful that I "passed," though!


Why should you say "that boy" instead of "this" boy? How would you say "this boy" if it's not "toho chlapce" (acc. > nom. ten chlap)?


You shoul say "tohoto/tohohle chlapce" if you want to use "this boy"


why cant you say do you remember this boy? @vladafu am having trouble to login and reply to you will fix it as soom as i recover my pw and gmail


Not sure what is your problem but contact Duolingo immediately if you believe your account might have been hijacked.

this boy would be - tohoto chlapce, tohohle chlapce


First, I want to say that the Czech module is the best of all the modules I've done so far. The tips and notes are generally very clear and, as a trained linguist, I appreciate the detail and organization. The sentences generally don't spring any major surprises. That said, I am lost with the different ways to say "remember". In the tips and notes, pamatovat si (with the dative reflexive) is given with the meaning "to remember." However, in this part of Level 0, I have encountered only pamatovat by itself and pamatovat se + na with the accusative reflexive pronoun. All I can really glean from the discussion is that pamatovat se is more archaic sounding, but I am not getting the nuances. Could someone provide some more examples? Thank you!


I will just link the thread you later found yourself https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24577347

However, I also tried to make some explanations in this very thread. See all the other comments on this page.

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