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ne me rappelle pas, why the me?

I came across this sentence "mais je ne me rappelle pas pourquoi" which translates to "but I do not remember why" and I don't know the reason for the me? The I is taken care of by the je, is it not? Also the me rappelle sounds like its saying, remember myself or remember me? Is "mais je ne rappelle pas pourquoi" wrong? Mais (But) je (I) ne rappelle pas (do not remember) pourquoi (why)

September 30, 2017



The answer is just because. "se rappeler" is what we call a reflexive verb, and always has to have the reflexive pronoun attached. This one is less intuitive to us as English speakers, although you will find many French reflexive verbs feel natural because there's a sense that you're doing something to yourself "Je m'appelle Philippe", "je me couche à dix heures tous les jours".

Things to remember about reflexive verbs? In the past tense they take "être" as the auxiliary - "Je ne me suis pas rasé ce matin" -- sometimes you'll find the participle has to agree with the subject in number and gender "Elles se sont levées" -- and in imperative commands, the reflexive part comes after the verb - "Amuse-toi bien!"


It is the reflective pronoun for je so is used in reflective verbs which se rappeller is i believe

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