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"Ele sunt fetele aceleiași femei."

Translation:They are the girls of the same woman.

11 months ago


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We are daughters of the same woman is a better translation and more natural than we are girls of the same woman

6 days ago


i would have thought that anything involving the 'i' -- aceleia -- would have to be masculine. Could someone please comment? I spelled it aceleasi.

11 months ago

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Hmm. The course notes for the DPPA (Demonstrative Pronouns and Pronominal Adjectives) skill are not that helpful. Here, I'll try to break it down for ya:


  • același... = the same... (singular masculine)
  • aceeași... = the same... (singular feminine)
  • aceiași... = the same... (plural masculine)
  • aceleași... = the same... (plural feminine)


  • aceluiași... = of/to the same... (singular masculine)
  • aceleiași... = of/to the same... (singular feminine)
  • acelorași... = of/to the same... (plural, both genders)

By the way, it helps a lot to know the grammatical cases. In the above sentence we are dealing with the genitive case (it indicates possession). So:

  • Ele sunt fetele aceleiași femei. = They are the daughters of the same woman.
11 months ago


Thanks, L.

5 days ago