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Translation help

On y aurait cru

I translated this as 'we would have believed it' but I am not sure. Does anyone have a correct translation?

Google translate suggested we would have been believed but that seems even more wrong than mine although I could be wrong on that too

September 30, 2017



"On y aurait cru" has "y" replacing "à + something mentioned before, like "on aurait cru à cette chose".

"Croire à quelque chose" is to believe in something's existence or reality.

"On y aurait cru" means that we would have believed [something mentioned before] was true. So I think your translation is fine, unless context would reveal something different.


Thank you so much :)


Well, I typed that in on Google translation, and it said it meant 'It seemed there'.


Yh I have gotten like 3 entirely different answers from Google Translate so far xD


Ok, you're already 3 steps ahead :)


well i don't know it, but this is my first discussion, i am still learning, but i do want to help you.

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