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Forum Maintenance Notice

Duolingo Community,

This week we will need to do some forum maintenance, and discussions will likely be unavailable to everyone for about three hours. When it happens, and if anything changes while it is down, we will post updates to this FAQ article. The initial estimated date for the maintenance session is October 3rd, at 09:00 AM EDT.

The forums should come back quicker and more stable, but no other major visual changes that you would notice. Duolingo itself should be up as usual, so maybe you can use that time to try a new language? We’ll see you on the other side!

EDIT: Forums are back and should be much faster. We are expecting some glitches in these coming days, and are keeping track of what everyone is reporting. Please report any issues you see, preferably with explaining how it happened so we can reproduce the error. Thanks!

September 30, 2017



Thx for the notification!

However, I'm baffled: the FAQ article says

We will keep you posted in this article if anything changes while the forums/discussions are down.

where "this article" is a link to a forum discussion (namely the one we are here).

How will we be able to see your communication published on forums (here in this current discussion) if the forums are down? ;)

Idea of correction: simply delete the link on "this article".
In addition and, to make it even clearer, maybe you could add "FAQ" between "this" and "article" => "this FAQ article".

EDIT (01/10/2017 02:00 UTC):
It has been fixed. ;).


Tell me please, will the links of the old forum be still working in the new version? I have a lot of bookmarks in my browser.


One more question, if you allow: will it be possible to give away lingots in the new version of the forum?


I hope the answer to this question is yes, or else what would I do with all my lingots?


Thanks for the notice.


I think it would be nice if the forums would get some reorganization instead of the current Popular /New / Followed sections. Will some change like this happen sometimes?

The problem is, if I saw an iteresting post 2 weeks ago, I did not press Follow, and it does not get enough upvotes to get the to Popular, I will never find it again. It sank deep in the flood of other forum posts. So people get to ask the same questions over and over again.


if I saw an iteresting post 2 weeks ago [...] I will never find it again

If it was interesting, there are chances you remember what it was about hence remember some keywords present in the discussion (or even few consecutive words), therefore you can find it using the search engine. Using of course, if necessary, quote marks and logical operators to reduce the number of results.

So people get to ask the same questions over and over again.

It's mainly because it's common (maybe even is it in human nature) to ask before making some (re)search oneself. So I don't think any change on Duo's side will stop "same questions asked over and over again", a change in people's habits would avoid that.

P.S.: Just to avoid misunderstanding/misinterpretation: I'm not saying reorganization isn't needed, just that it'll not avoid to have same questions being asked over and over again, IMO.


So this is not the overhaul? Any idea when that's happening? Also, maybe a site catering to international audience could post the time in GMT/UTC/with the offset.


Ok, we'll be ready. Thanks for your hard work :)


> October 3rd, at 09:00 AM EST.

Most of the Eastern time zone in North America [including Pittsburgh ;*)] will still be on Daylight Saving Time on 3rd October. Did you mean 9:00 AM EDT (= 8:00 AM EST), or did you mean 9:00 AM EST (= 10:00 AM EDT)?


Thank you so much for all the hard work that you and the rest of the Duolingo staff have done to make this site run better!


EDIT: Forums are back and should be much faster. Please report any issues!

Forum are extremely slow, close to inaccessible; the link "Followed" has vanished, and I can't get to the incubator (so slow it still hasn't loaded).


The Follow/Following discussion button on discussions does not seem to be available either (at least from my experience on Safari).
Later Edit: The button showed up later, first on followed discussions, then on all discussions (I should've just waited for things to stabilize on the site).


I still have it (Chrome, but I don't think it'd depend on the browser).
Did it reappear for you?


This forum maintenance achieved the opposite of what it was supposed to achieve. Nice work.


Thank you for telling us!


Thank you so much for this heads-up HelpfulDuo! Thanks for all your help! :)


Thanks for the heads up, helpfulDuo!


The "following" tab is gone. The link to it is not, though. Please readd it.


Forums are back and should be much faster. [...] Please report any issues you see

Hi staff,

when I edit a post after pressing "Save":

  1. The page freeze for few seconds (as it is doing since few weeks)
  2. The page content is reloaded (not the all page, just the content of the discussion. For example not the top blue bar isn't reloaded), like before.
  3. most of the time the changes I made to my aren't visible until I refresh manually.

My guess: the page reloads before the server actually saved the changes that were just sent to it. So the server responds to the reload with the previous version of the discussion's content then a little later the server gets the changes hence if i reload manually the changes are at this moment loaded correctly.


Other little bug: when I posted this new message, the page reloaded to display it but only the button "answer" was available not the "Edit" button (nor the button to moderate [only for moderators, of course]).
Of course, after a manual reload the buttons were back here.


Fact supporting my guess I believe: when I edited this comment, I refreshed manually the page (after the edit). It was only after 5to10 seconds (avec various refresh) that my first EDIT finally appeared.

P.S.: Each time I speak about a "manual refresh" to load again the content of my comment/edits, it's either really a manual refresh or just clicking on one of the two vote buttons as clicking on them force a refload of all or part of the discussion content (depending on which comment's arrows you click on).


Can you make a way for us to unfollow all discussions with button?


I cannot access my Followed articles - is this a bug/glitch?


Commenting on a discussion doesn't trigger anymore the "Follow" button.

Please, put that option back!

Commenting/helping on many discussions, often to ask for more details in order to be able to help, clicking manually each time on Follow is a nightmare (and will just often be forgotten)!

It may be the occasion to add an option "automatically follow discussion on comment: YES/NO" in our settings. But, please don't put first(°) this automatic behaviour back.

(°) "first" as in "not waiting to first implement one day the settings.


Thank you for letting us know! One question, though: This is happening for maintenance, correct? I just wanted to get my facts straight=) By the way, anyone can answer! But HelpfulDuo please do too!


so I had 99 days straight and when you went offline was put back at zero also I had a 270 day streak and the power went out in my house and I had to start back at zero ... no big deal ; I am thankful you are even on at all ; but I should not lose status ; also I was at 58 % fluent and was surprisingly one day knocked to 45 % fluent ? I am sure I am not even near that because I have an Italian Dictionary and there is no way I even know 5 % of that book ... its fun and I hope to get over to Italy again to use it ; I do it more to keep my brain exercised at age 68 ; use it or lose it they say


Hi mercede777 ,

so I had 99 days straight [...] also I had a 270 day streak

What are "days straight"? It seems you're referring to something else than "day streak".

no big deal [...] but I should not lose status

You mean lose your streak?
You lost it because, according to your account, you didn't practice two days (in a row).


The "Active (Mod)" tab only shows me 8 discussions and doesn't scroll further. It was 5 discussions before but then I commented on three discussions I have bookmarked.

I do have very slow Wi-Fi right now, but when yesterday the "Sentences" tab was going crazy, I checked that it behaved the same way for another contributor.

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