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  5. "Until when are you all out?"

"Until when are you all out?"

Translation:Bis wann seid ihr weg?

September 30, 2017



As a native English speaker... What context is this English sentence used in?


The English sentence is not something anyone I know would ever say with these words.


the context of the speaker being from Germany, for example: "I am since one year a course contributor of duolingo, so my English is now already perfect. By the way until when are you all out?"


I assume you are employing a little sarcasm? lol


Not that Germany is big on cricket, but you are all out when you lose your 10th wicket.


what is wrong with: Bis wann sind Sie alle weg?


Nothing at all! That's just the formal way of saying it, and it should be accepted (report it if it wasn't accepted).


Thanks for that confirmation. I think I did report it.


Whats with this "you all" stuff? It is an expression I never hear.


In the South, y'all is the common way of referring to a group of people; and it's the perfect counterpart to the German informal plural "you," which is "ihr." :-)


Technically, "you" is the perfect counterpart to 'ihr' and 'thou' is the perfect counterpart to 'du'. But of course, no one actually speaks Shakespeare.


Can you say 'Bis wann seid ihr raus?'

[deactivated user]

    I may be wrong, but my first thought was that the English "all" is there to show us that the plural word for "you" is required in the German translation.


    thou art sorely mistaken! forsooth, I jest!


    untill when are you all out? that doesn't even make sense to me..it sounds like you literally translated the sentence from German without changing the word order. can anyone offer any help? doesn't seem like proper English. what happened to the all in the sentence? bis wann seid ihr weg...okay where is the all? does ihr translate to you all in this sentence? because i read untill when are you out from the german. this sounds like a very informal sentence, which is okay but should it really be something like "when are you guys all going to be out?" i don't know definitely something very off about this sentence, i'm a native speaker of english and i'd most definitely have to do a double take if someone said this to me to ascertain their meaning and respond accordingly. it's both informal and non idiomatic English...kind of a bad double whammy.


    I read the English sentence "Until when are you all out?" by grouping "all out" and interpreting it to ask about store inventory, where someone asks a clerk when some item will be back in stock. Given this meaning, how would the sentence be properly translated to German?


    'Bis wann seid ihr raus'... what am I getting wrong? Duo wants weg, not raus. Google translated the Duo sentence as 'when are you off?' which I don't think really correlates with 'until when are you all out?'

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