"V naší továrně pracuje pět set dělníků."

Translation:There are five hundred workers working in our factory.

September 30, 2017

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it is so terribly frustrating: i want to learn czech and qhat you mostly do is correcting my english


That's fine for me, so you are learning two languages at the same time. I've worked as an interpretor and translator for US soldiers (lower staff), my english got totally corrupted, i found out now, learning czech. : )


Proč ne "pracujou"?


Because "pět set" is a numeral equal or higher than 5 and for these, we again use the verb in the singular. The reason is that we no longer view these people/things/etc. separately (like with numerals 1,2,3,4), but as one group.

V naší továrně pracujou čtyři dělníci. / V naší továrně pracuje pět dělníků.


Thanks for the explanation!


"there are 500 workers working in our factory." I thought clean numbers are accepted, from all the discussion i followed? Thx


They usually are, but Duo works in mysterious ways, sometimes.

I've manually added variants with "500" now.

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