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Memrise's official Icelandic course!

I discovered some days ago that Memrise is releasing an official memrise course of Icelandic the 6th of October. More info here:


When will Duolingo add this wonderful language many want to learn?

Does anyone have experience with Memrise's official language courses? How good are they compared to Duo?



September 30, 2017



I've started with the official "French for Germans", and I'm in part 3. While I do like that they have more "useful" phrases, there are sometimes a bit questionable translations. They are not very consistent (require one translation in part 1 and another in part 3 for the same word), and they usually accept only one variant even when several are correct. The last point is really frustrating.


Hello I started the Memrise's official Polish course 2 months ago and I think it is quite good because it has a lot of vocabulary (2000 +) that I didn't learn on Duolingo yet, phrases that you can use in different contexts (restaurant, shopping, family etc.) and almost all the words in this course have their pronunciation so you can practice it too. Coupled with Duolingo I think you can reach a decent level. I hope they will do such a good work for the Icelandic course.


I am currently doing a couple of the official courses (for Dutch speakers when available, for English speakers if not). (mostly German and Spanish at this point but I also dabbled with others) and while some of the translations can be odd.. and some of the phrases they teach aren't always relevant, I find them quite useful and a very good supplement to any course.

Some examples of 'oddness' (courses for Dutch speakers):

German course (Duits 1):

  • Level 6 teaches phrases like: 'Ich bin Engländer(in)/Ich bin Amerikaner(in).' (I am English/American). Pretty useful...if you are actually English or American! But not if you just happen to be Dutch or Flemish, because you don't get to learn these words! Fortunately this is not the case for all their official courses for Dutch speakers, but it is still a problem that I hope they will fix.

  • The number 0 is... problematic as the word doesn't actually show up. (well, not a single answer is accepted. I can type 'null' and it would consider the answer incorrect and give [empty space] as the correct answer) This is probably a technical error, but it is still very annoying.

Still, despite some of the errors, the audio quality (native!) is very good, it certainly beats the TTS audio from Duolingo. If you are not using it to learn phrases or vocab you can still use it to learn pronuncation and listening comprehension. I also reccomend it if you want to learn European Spanish or European Portugese instead of Latin American Spanish or Brazilian Portugese.

Also, while Duolingo focuses more on teaching how to form sentences and generally 'use words', Memrise tends to focus more on vocabulary and 'useful phrases'. They really compliment each other.

PS: If you can't wait for Memrise Icelandic, this user has some pretty good courses (with native audio).


Yeah I realised that later :( It's such a short course then. At least it will have native audio.


... and video.

But yeah - a shame. Perhaps if enough people take it, they might decide there is enough demand, and develop further?


They are? Oh my word, that's so awesome!

I like Memrise's official courses: they're good to use along with Duo. Someone has already said this, but it is true that they usually don't accept alternate translations of a word, even though they are correct. On the whole thought, the courses are pretty good.


I don't use Memrise much, but I do use it for Spanish and Japanese (Although I'm not as far along as I am on Duolingo) however it's pretty good. I like the app interface as well. The only reason I've done Norwegian here is because it's similar to Icelandic because it's been the language I've always dreamed of learning, so I'm pretty excited upon hearing this news.


Yay for Icelandic!!! Also, thank you Mundgeirr for letting us know! :D


I feel like I'm one of the only people that finds Memrise to be really boring. Am I doing it wrong? The sections go on for so damn long and it never ends.


Thanks everybody for your answers, they were very helpful. As jimnicholson said it seems it will have only 100 words/sentences so it's a pretty short one unfortunately :(


Woo-hoo! Icelandic is quite a cool language. It's nice to hear Memrise is making an official course for it.


the course doesn't show up as the first result for icelandic so i missed the release, but here it is https://www.memrise.com/course/1638446/icelandic/

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