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Difference between "On" and "Nous"

I know this has been asked before, but I just want to clarify.

Even though "On" is used differently than "Nous," is "On" still used in place of "Nous" for informal conversations?

September 30, 2017



Yes, we are using "on" very often for informals conversations.

— On a vu un bon film hier soir.

— Ah oui ? Alain et moi on a préféré marcher en bord de mer.

— Vous avez de la chance, nous avec Marco, on a dû se coucher tôt, on se lève à cinq heures du matin.



Merci beaucoup ! :)


If it's used as a pronoun « ils nous aident » or to emphasize the subject « pendant que nous, on fait face aux condés », then it can be used informally. However, « nous faisons face aux condés » in an informal conversation would be bizarre, especially as the word « condés » is not a formal way to say ''cop'' or ''police officer''. I use « on » pretty much every time when I speak. When writing, you're probably more likely to use nous... though as the writer, that's up to you!


Yes. On is more informal; nous is more formal.

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