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"different square"

Translation:jiné náměstí

September 30, 2017



it doesn't accept dalsi namesti . It was explained to me that "Další" is "another" in the sense of "one more", "next", "further". "Jiný" is "another" in the sense of "different", "other".


I tried entering "dalšé" as the adjective, but apparently it doesn't work in this case. Can someone help me understand what the differences are between jiné and dalšé?


Další is more likely translated as next, for example when you're waiting in shop and cashier says "Next" in czech he says "Další" Jiné is like different, for example "red and orange are DIFFERENT colors" in czech it would be "červená a oranžová jsou JINÉ barvy" Both words can be replaced by another the same way as in English.

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