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  5. "Jací jsou tady kluci?"

"Jací jsou tady kluci?"

Translation:What are the boys like here?

September 30, 2017



What kind of boys are here?


This is exactly what i put too. Is it not correct? It basically means the same thing in English.


I tried the same. The official English solution suggests the comparison "like here", but derives from "to be like". The word order is confusing, at least in English. I always would try to avoid it.


There is nothing wrong or confusing about the English word order here. It is exactly what might be said by a young girl arriving somewhere for the first time.


"What kind of ... are here?" and "What are the ... like here?" does mean something slightly different. Maybe for "boys" the difference does not play a role, but for other words, e.g. "apples".


Wow, I answered "Which boys are here" and it passed ok. Czech is weird !


Jací can indeed mean the same as Kteří (Which) in many contexts.


I tried out all of the versions of the other comments and that's what i conclude

(1) What are the boys like here? (official solution)
(2) What kind of boys are here? (Correct)
(3) How are the boys here? (wrong) (also my first try, but i admit, it does have a weird sound to it (i'm not a native english speaker though)
(4) Which boys are here? (correct - which in my opinion shouldn't be, because then it should be "Které" instead of "Jací")


why is the sentence about nominative and not about accusative?

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