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  5. "Profesia mea este a ta."

"Profesia mea este a ta."

Translation:My profession is yours.

September 30, 2017



What is this trying to say? It doesn't seem to be a clear way to say that "you and I have the same profession"


I flagged it for being unnatural or weird. I hope you did, too!


i guess these are mostly just random sentences, they don't make much sense but the important thing is that they use the constructions and words we learned before


If they don't make much sense, it's not helpful for learning. If it's not a sentence that makes sense in English (and it doesn't) and you're highly unlikely ever to say it in Romanian, then what's the point? You're learning words for the sake of learning words, rather than chunking useful phrases and blocks, which is how you actually learn a language.


...'is the same as yours' would make more sense.


What the hell is that supposed to mean?


the sentence is just stupid.....i would think that in Rom language the sentence would sound something like: profesia mea e la fel de ma......


Why not "my job is yours"?

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