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"I expressed everything with one word!"

Translation:Všechno jsem vyjádřil jedním slovem!

September 30, 2017



Lze uznat i tuto odpověď: "Vyjádřil jsem vše jedním slovem"? Předem děkuji za odpověď :)


Yep. We missed this one. Added :)


A co "jedným slovem jsem všechno vyjádřil?"


What about "Všechno jsem jedním slovem vyjádřil!", i.e. stressing out the action/verb?


The problem is that you are not stressing the complete verb which is the auxiliary + the participle. You are only stressing the participle. So you are stressing that you expressed it instead of ... instead of doing what?


Intellectually, I get your explanation, but could you please provide a real-world full example where this might be ok? Basically, attach a continuation, meaning "instead of..."? It does not have to be that exact original sentence, I would just wish to see the full mechanics of the situation in action. Thanks in advance!

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