"We have the pear for Matěj."

Translation:Máme tu hrušku pro Matěje.

September 30, 2017

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Dont need to use "tu" when the english sentence reads "the pear". If it said "this pear" it would require "tu" but in this case it doesnt.


If it said "this pear" it would require "tuto".

We do already have the "tu" optional for several word orders and I will look whether we can expand it. But please not that without the to it is much more likely to be "We have a pear for Matěj.", only in some contexts you can leave it out.


Yeah but once you start to think in a more 'czech-like' way... you're less likely to want to include the 'to'. It's kind of mentally jarring to be forced to make sure it's there.

That would be better for translations maybe but we are just trying to learn to use the language.

Thanks for all your effort. I waited years for this course!


Do you regularly use the accusative after the verb "to have"?


Yes, we do. Remember, accusative is used when referring to the object of a verb. (Mostly...) ;)


I'm not sure I understand. Is "Tu Hrušku" used here because we have it, or because it is for Matej?


Tu hrušku, the accusative form, is used because it is the direct object of the verb -- or, as you put it, because we (subject) have (verb) it (object). :-)


Is "tu" necessary here when talking about the pear? I really don't know, but coming from Russian, there is no article used for "a" or "the", only when it's "that" or "this". Thanks


Russian is very different from Czech when it comes to demonstratives. Really, very different.

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