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Ladino, Yiddish for Spanish speakers Syriac-Aramaic, Coptic and Igbo courses!

Hello everyone, so as I told you that I am creating revival courses for the endangered languages and calling all of these languages' speakers in this post and last week I shared this post and if you need the percentages for the progress of these courses in this week, but what's new first?

Coptic and Igbo courses added!

Percentages as follows:-

  • Ladino course:- 1% (Predicted launch date:- October 20, 2017)

  • Syriac-Aramaic course:- 0% (Predicted launch date:- October 20, 2017)

  • Yiddish for Spanish speakers course:- 37% (Predicted launch date:- October 12, 2017)

  • Coptic course:- 0.2% (Predicted launch date:- October 20, 2017)

  • Igbo course:- 0.7% (Predicted launch date:- October 26, 2017)

Predicted words in the courses:-

Ladino course:- 2500 : 5000 words

Syriac-Aramaic course:- 3000 : 5500 words

Yiddish course for Spanish speakers:- 1600 words (As the Modern Yiddish course for English speakers)

Coptic course:- 3650 : 3800 words

Igbo course:- 3000 : 4200 words

And if anyone wants to contribute to more of the endangered language courses, you can check this list and if you found your language comment in here ↓:-


September 30, 2017



Coptic wow where did you find a Coptic speaker.


I am in Egypt where there are the Copts, so my friends speak Coptic :D


Cool i thought it was almost dead and only used for religious reasons by a small minority


It is, I have friends from this small minority and it is only used for religious reasons :) you are right!


Hi Shady!

Nice effort! I really like that you added Coptic. Maybe we can even add a Nubian course


Nice idea Amgad, but I don't have anyone who can speak Nubian! And I also don't know it the Coptic will be added or not, because I think that the Coptic speaker that I know has no time, so he will quit :/ I dunno really!


Speaking of Igbo and whether or not it's an endangered language, see http://aboutworldlanguages.com/Igbo . Of course, even if it's not an endangered language it's still worthwhile! :)


But it has no good courses to teach it lizsue!


Good point!

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