"Myslím na to divadlo."

Translation:I am thinking about that theater.

September 30, 2017

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So "jidlo" must come from that verb "to eat" that has the "ji" stem, does the word "divadlo" has anything to do with the verb "divat se"?


I'd say so. :) Good point!


Interesting! So a theater is a place you look at (: Any easy-to-read information about that for english speakers?


It's more like 'a place for viewing.' You may not believe it, but the word 'theatre' means basically the same (via Latin and French, from Ancient Greek θέατρον (théatron, “a place for viewing”), from θεάομαι (theáomai, “to see, to watch, to observe”). Not sure what you're asking about, curious about word formation in Czech...or?


One of the flags adorning all 4 previous contributions suggest that you would all understand the word Amharclann which has an identical derivation

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