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New to Duolingo and Need Help!

Hi! My name is Evylen and I started Duolingo a long time ago but I never kept up with my streaks so I stayed off for about a month and now I am on again can anyone help me with a 2 problems I have? 1: When I start a new course I don't even know what the words mean and have a hard time guessing what they are ,leading me to always get them wrong. Is there anyway you can preview the words? 2: I am always forgetting the words is there anyway I can remember them with an easy trick? If you could answer these questions that would be awesome! Evylen-

September 30, 2017


  1. Hover over the words which are underlined and you can see their definition.

  2. Flashcards, keep reviewing, mnemonics, etc.


Thank you so much to everyone! I feel like a pro already! (kind of) ;)


Since you're asking for help with the basics of using the site, could you move this post to the Troubleshooting forum? Your post is likely to get a lot more attention there, because that's where the people who are willing to help with this sort of problem hang out. It will also help keep this forum easy to navigate for those who aren't part of the troubleshooting group.

Don't delete it and create a new one, just click edit, and change the topic from Duolingo to Troubleshooting. Here's a guide on how to move a post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16609773.

...and here's a guide on how to choose which forum to post in: [Guide] In which forum should I post my discussion?.

Thanks :)


I always strength until I feel comfortable.


1) Try Memrise or any other 3rd party flashcard software to (pre-)learn the words - there will be 6 steps (preview) until the flower is planted.

DuoLingo quite often just throws in 2-3 times the new words in new lessons.
New words should be marked orange if you do the lessons - but they may not be marked that always.

Have you tried http://tinycards.duolingo.com yet?

Use DuoLingo's popup hints, that is you have to click on the word.
2) Do regular reviews of your learned (planted) words daily/weekly on a 3rd party flashcard software, which supports typing in your L2 target language and turning off multiple-choice questions and L1->L2 translations:

  • a) They usually have a real (not just random) spaced repetition (SR) algorithm which strongly focuses on weak words, that is words which you answer (recalling instead of only remembering - by typing them) incorrectly.
  • b) you can IGNORE single words
  • c) words you do not know repeatedly are marked difficult (Memrise Pro offers special reviews for those, including the Android app).

  1. You can try to write the words down and say how to say them like for example fille means girl in French and is pronounced like fill in English.


Go over previous lessons as often as you need.


This is a useless comment but anyway your picture in the circle thing is adorable!!! >< >< >_<

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