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Feedback suggestion successes

I was curious and I’ve just looked back at the past year of my successful feedback responses from Duolingo. These are translations that were marked wrong but that I submitted as being correct. I’m interested in what successes other have had.


“Oktober ist wunderschön ” accepted for “October is beautiful.”

“The apartment is cold” accepted for “Die Wohnung ist kühl.”

“What do you think of this design?” accepted for “Wie findest du dieses Design?”


“In saying that you can win their confidence” accepted for “En disant cela, tu peux gagner leur confiance.”

“The hole is big.” accepted for “Le trou est grand.”

“He is leaving after he has eaten.” accepted for “Il part après qu'il a mangé.”

“We have to wait until she is done.” accepted for “Il faut attendre qu'elle ait fini.”

“To talk or be quiet” as a translation for “Parler ou se taire ?”

“What luck” accepted for “Quelle chance !”

“Une pièce” accepted for “A piece”


“It ended” accepted for “Se terminó.”

“He considers me to be a friend.” accepted for “Él me considera un amigo.”

“What does your name mean?” accepted for “¿Cuál es el significado de tu nombre?”

September 30, 2017

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Good work :)

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